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Mike Hudson

Born in Tampa, Florida this 25 years old has a huge passion for all music especially R&B. “My favorite artists are Jamie Foxx, Tyrese and R Kelly……I just want to be what i always wanted to be…..”

Lorenzo Smith

Nineteen year old Lorenzo Smith is a dancer from Tampa, dancing since age 4.  “It’s my first love. I love the vibe that music gives to the body, which I believe creates art. Dance keeps me out of trouble; it gives me peace and relaxation. But I fell in love with dance because it made […]

Kyra James

Kyra James goes by the name “Kyra J” and is 15 years old. She has been rapping since the age of 5. She was inspired by her dad a former local artist that goes by the name DaKnocka the Great. Kyra has performed in talent shows, charity events, and was selected as a finalists in […]

Jonathon Fontana

Home schooled and sheltered the first 20 years of his life, Dugo is bringing a fresh new style with a classic sound. With over 10 years experience in writing, Dugo is confident that “without a doubt, he will be a top contender in Tampa’s Star Showcase!”

Jake Brown

His name is Jacob Brown, but mostly everyone calls him Jake Brown or sometimes Jakebronwies. He is from Zephyrhills, Florida and he loves to make people laugh. He said, “that is why I do comedy which I started doing in January of 2016 and I have loved doing ever since. I like to mix music […]

Damar Harrison

20 year old Entrepreneur Singer, actor, and dancer whom loves to use music to express and tell a story. Music has been ingrained in Damar since the age of 6. Throughout the years, he continuously learns how music is connected to his purpose on earth.

About Kimberly

Kimberly LaShawn Fulton of Tampa, FL, has an inspiring message of change that she desires to share with the world. Born December 1, 1987 to parents Diane Williams and Jerome Fulton, she began exercising her gift while still in diapers, “well before she could talk good” says Dad. The youngest of six girls, she jumped […]

About Moonie Louve

Born in Tampa, Florida, and growing up in Avon Park, Florida, Moonie has been a Floridian all his life. He developed a sound for music early, mainly hop hip. He loved everything about it: the rhythm, the beat, and the way it made him feel. He started rapping and writing his own music at twelve. […]

About Cynthia

The younger of two children, a native of Tampa, Florida, Cynthia Williams Bailey was born in West Tampa and reared in the North West area of Tampa known as Keystone. (Citrus Park). Her talent of singing was revealed to her at the age of 5 when she started singing in the Church (which still exists […]