2nd Place – Angel Brown

Born in St. Augustine but raised in Palm Coast, FL, up and coming R&B singer Angel Brown’s passion for music started at the age of six. Angel enjoyed singing and always would sing around the house entertaining her parents, and her brothers.  Her family would hear her and they would just say “Angel’s in Concert AGAIN”.  She eventually joined her elementary school choir and remained in the choir through high school while gaining notoriety locally.  Her parents began seeking out projects to enter her in, and entered her in any and everything.  Angel would later have the pleasure of performing in Kids Got Talent at the age of 12, Florida’s Best, as well as Amateur Night at the Ritz where she won 1st place 3 consecutive times. Angel regularly gets invitations to sing at local events and conventions like the Black Expo.  Determined to make it she created a YouTube channel and began posting covers, covering the most recent and popular songs. Her videos were slowly getting recognition from different sources including American Idol and The Voice.  It wasn’t until she covered the song BBHMM by Rihanna that she came to the attention of Danielle Swinton who previously worked in the music industry and took Angel under her wing helping to develop her craft and build connections in the music industry.

Under the tutelage of Ms. Swinton, Angel recently competed in a Live Music Showcase where she brought the house down performing her own original music, and has now come to the attention of other music industry execs.

Angel is inspired by singers like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and Selena Quintanilla, and performers like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Angell wants her music to resonant with many and transcend genre’s. She wants the music she creates to be timeless, and right now she is developing her writing skills.  Angel goal is to became the ultimate performer and hopefully a household name.